Global Connections

FYI: The cover photo of the graduate students was provided by Chelsea Foxwell, Professor at the University of Chicago. While she was at Harvard University, she was a Scholar student sponsored by the Minami Okayama Rotary Club, Japan.

Sister Cities

Gloucester City, Massachusetts is a Sister City of Tamano City, Okayama. Since 2004, Junior and High school students have taken part in homestays and other cultural exchanges.,_Massachusetts

International Exchanges Between Universities

“The 3rd International Exchange Meetings” between The University of Arkansas, USA and Okayama University, Japan were held on 25th May 2019. “The Japan Study Abroad Program in 2019” were developed by Professor Robert Stapp of the University of Arkansas and Vice President Hiroshi Sano, Executive Director for Education Provost of Okayama University including other Professors, and as well as volunteer members Ms. Sadako Miyake, Mr. Makoto Hamaguchi and Mr. Yasuo Miura in Tamano City.

Corporate Sponsors

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